Blueprints for Virtual Scenarios 

In this online Masterclass you will learn how to create interactions for virtual scenarios in Unreal Engine using only blueprints, in a simple and agile way, using UE4Arch's proven 8-year methodology.


20+ hours of content

Programming interactions in Unreal is no mystery: the goal of this course is to demystify programming in 3D projects, empower architects, 3D artists, students and beginners to program their own interactions that can be applied in architecture visualization, metaverse projects, training and digital twins, robot simulation and artificial intelligence, in the film and broadcast industry, product visualization among others. The course has more than 20 hours of video, recorded in Portuguese and subtitled in English. Future language updates are included in this offer.


From Theory to Real-life Application



Learn all the theory needed to understand and create your own interactions using blueprint.



Using UE4Arch Workflow we will create 30+ interactions commonly used in virtual scenarios.

Real-life application

Real-life application

We will apply the knowledge gained in a special scenario, such as a real-life project.

Course content

About UE4Arch and the Instructor


UE4Arch has been creating realistic scenarios with real-time technology since 2014. The range of applications for these scenarios includes Architecture, Games, Tourism, Simulation, Metaverse, Training and Digital Twins, Automobile industry, Films and Broadcast, among others.

We are pioneers in creating architectural visualization using Unreal Engine 4, the cutting-edge 3D engine from Epic, which allows 3D artists to render with frightening precision and realism in real-time. 

Our project “Loft” was the first real-time Archviz with interactivity showing the possibility of using Unreal Engine 4 for applications other than games and reached more than 1.5M views on YouTube. 

We have sold projects to over 4000 people or companies and we work together with partners such as Amazon, Autodesk, Epic Games, Substance by Adobe, Nvidia, Oculus and HTC Vive. 

The Instructor Daniel Falci is UE4Arch's Co-founder and partner. With more than 8 years of experience in Unreal Engine, Daniel has a degree in Interaction Design and a background in technology. Despite not being a programmer, he is responsible for programming all UE4Arch project interactions - with blueprints!

What people are saying about UE4Arch

"A great scene, with high quality content and shaders, the best way to learn UE4 in action, it has all controls and blueprints needed for any Archviz project."


"Amazing work, we can learn only By Watching. It's Recommended do Buy!"

El Amri Houcine

"Great purchase! Such a beautiful project that demonstrates the power of Unreal Engine and potential for creative realism. Hoping to learn as much as I can from it. Excellent customer service!"

Jeremy Fukunaga

Epic MegaGrants Recipient

This course is an Epic MegaGrans Recipient.