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Blueprints for Virtual Scenarios

Course Structure and Content:

The course has more than 20 hours of video, recorded in Portuguese and subtitled in English. Future language updates are included in this offer. Being a recorded course, you can study whenever you want.

In the first stage of the course you will have access to all the content of the theoretical part with + 10 hours of video content, including:

  • Course Introduction
  • The Essentials
  • Basic Scripting
  • Specialized Node Groups
  • Blueprint Classes
  • Blueprint Communication
  • Blueprint Manipulation
  • UI & HUD

In the second stage of the course you will receive access to more than 30 exercises, where we will create the following interactions step by step:

  • First Person Character
  • Highlight Objects
  • Change Objects Material
  • Change Objects Color
  • Change Objects Material Parameters
  • Change Furniture
  • Turn On/Off Lights
  • Dimmer Lights
  • Open Pivot Doors
  • Open Slide Doors
  • External Free Camera Visualization
  • External Camera Change Visualization
  • Creating a Main Menu
  • TV - Working with Media Texture
  • Working with Audio (Footsteps, ambient sound, audio cues, etc.)
  • Functional Clock
  • Movable Objects
  • Destructible Meshes
  • Mini Map System
  • Load Levels
  • Level Streaming System
  • Floor Plan Navigation
  • Photo Camera Mode
  • Drone Mode
  • Aim System
  • Turn on/off Particles (Shower, Sauna, Fireplace, Toilet and Baththub)
  • Dynamically Change Sun Position
  • Third Person Character
  • Functional Elevator
  • Edit Mode
  • Color picker
  • Save and Load Data

In the third and final stage, you will be granted an exclusive UE4Arch project where we will learn to implement all these interactions in a real project and finally get to the conclusion of our course.

Requirements for taking the course:

  • Windows knowledge
  • A computer, tablet or smartphone capable of accessing the internet and viewing videos.
  • To perform the exercises, you need a computer running Unreal Engine 4. Recommended hardware: Quad-core processor 2,5GHz or faster, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD Dedicated graphics card, GTX series or similar AMD card.

*This course will be accessible through single user login for a period of 1 year. We don't know when or if other classes will be created in the future and if the course will continue to be available (or if there will be updates). However, by purchasing this offer, if the course continues after 1 year or is updated, you will continue to have access and receive all updates.